The DG Starter Kit

It can be surprising how few pieces it really takes to have a complete wardrobe. Now, it would be a lie to say that I only own 10 pieces in my wardrobe. However, what is true, is that I usually only wear a handful of pieces that are on constant rotation; the pieces that have been with me for years, that fit me like a glove (no matter the season...). Sometimes I introduce a pop of color to switch it up, but really it comes down do just a handful of pieces that I cherish and rely on to get me through whatever comes my way.

And that is the concept behind the Devan Gregori label. Your modern urban uniform, here to take you wherever you need to go. But what does that really mean? I decided to put together a quick and easy guide on what Devan Gregori essentials can carry you through the season and transition into spring. I pared it back to just 6 styles: 

  • 2 tops
  • 2 bottoms
  • 1 jumpsuit
  • 1 jacket
  • Optional: 1 statement piece 

Every piece I picked here is meant to make your life easier. All items work in harmony in terms of color, proportion, and functions.



This tank top is my go-to for anything. I'll throw it on in the morning without having to think about it, and it carries me throughout the day. I can go from Zoom meetings, to running my errands and then dress it up for outdoor drinks (socially distanced, of course).

A classic outfit for me is the Valencia tank top in black paired with a cardigan, jeans, black booties and metal hoops or a statement necklace. My default style is knotted in the front, but Valencia looks fantastic with a French tuck in front or just as-is.



For a little more coverage, the Chloe short-sleeved dolman top is perfect. It was designed specifically with the French tuck in mind. That's why the sides are cut slightly higher. I love to pair this with our Celeste skirt.




Here's another piece I introduced in our Fall collection that found its way into our Core Collection, offered year-round. It has been my absolute favorite this season and fully intend to keep it in my wardrobe circulation as I transition into spring.

The drape of the linen/viscose blend gives it substance in colder seasons, but breathability in the warmer ones. I've been pairing it with our Chloe top, as mentioned above, but also with my favorite chunky knit sweater and tights. 



A new style but quickly becoming a key piece as I continue to wear it. Introduced as a part of our SS / 21 offering, Stevie is 100% pure high-waisted comfort. 

Stevie stands out with it's 50/50 color blocking. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "how can you wear a color-blocked piece that many times without it becoming too much?" The answer is neutral tones that go with everything...white with black, black with washed indigo...colors that you can easily incorporate with what you already have. Capsule wardrobes don't have to be bland! 



This is my top pick. Isabel never disappoints, no matter the season; it's all about comfort and security. I personally like the feeling of the sash wrapping around my waist. It feels secure - like it's holding me upright, like it's giving me a hug. 

An all-occasion piece, I usually pair it with bold statement earrings and heels when I'm going out. At home, I put a cardigan on over it, then wrap the sash around both the jumpsuit and the cardigan, so it becomes part of the complete outfit!

And big news - we are introducing the cropped version of Isabel this spring.



A cropped jacket does wonders. It transforms a simple outfit into a conversation. Keiko is just that - roomy yet structured, great for layering, can easily be transitioned into early winter if get your layering strategy right. Plus our 100% Japanese cotton twill is meant to be lived in all year long.


Optional Statement Piece: OLIVIA

La pièce de résistance. If you're feeling like your spring wardrobe needs a little refreshing, then this is the perfect piece to add just enough excitement.

I love how the bold paint print compliments almost every neutral color so it's pretty easy to integrate with any wardrobe. You'll see me pair this mostly with denim, and black (since that is my default). But I also love it with natural colors - creams, tans and warm tones.

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