Meet Devan - OLD

Devan is a California-born designer, creator & entrepreneur. Her passion for language & design led her to France after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley. While there, she pursued a second degree in Fashion Design which led her to work with international designers such as Yoshi Kondo, under his eponymous Paris-based label, and Jose Silva of Trista, based in Mexico City.

Moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area, Devan started working with select clients, designing & producing custom-made garments. It wasn’t long before the concept for the Devan Gregori label came about, and with the encouragement of those closest to her, she launched herself full-time into designing & creating the eponymous label.

While the Devan Gregori brand is headquartered in California, Devan travels the globe, working along side her production team, visiting the retailers, collaborating with influencers & other businesses, and always seeking inspiration for the upcoming collections. And at the center of the brand is a mission to help people feel like the best versions of themselves through honest, ethical & thoughtfully-designed clothing.