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Article: All About Garment Washing

All About Garment Washing - DEVAN GREGORI

All About Garment Washing

We design clothing to fit seamlessly into your life, bring comfort, and last. A big part of that is making sure your garments are easy to take care of, because we know you are all doing so much that caring for your clothes should be intuitive and easy to incorporate into your routine.

If you already dry clean your clothes, then don’t worry about this. Dry-cleaning will always preserve the life of your garments a little longer. However harsh chemicals are used during the process that can affect people with sensitive skin. Those chemicals are not environmentally-friendly either. So if you do dry-clean, we’d recommend supporting a local dry cleaner that is using environmentally friendly products. If you’d like help finding one, or if you have a recommendation for one, please let us know in the comments!

So here are some tips on caring for your DG pieces:

Core Collection

We use a 70% viscose 30% linen blend for our core collection pieces. Although this fabric isn’t pre-washed, the percentage of all-natural fiber is low enough to not have to worry too much about shrinkage. However, we always recommend not putting your pieces in the dryer because it will deteriorate the fabric over time, and the color will dull quicker. We do recommend washing your pieces on cold and line-drying them. 

The only exception to this would be the Yuki Jacket. Why? Well, the jacket’s facing and pockets have a pressed crease, not an actual seam. That means that if you wash it according to the fabric instructions, you may lose the shape of the garment. We recommend spot-cleaning the jacket and dry-cleaning when necessary.

Printed French Viscose

Our 100% viscose is imported from Lyon, France, and is printed with colorfast OEKO-TEX certified dyes. You may also wash these pieces in your machine, on cold, and line-dry them. You may see a bit of color fade after about a dozen washes, and so if you prefer to dry clean, you may do that also.

Japanese Cotton Twill

Our 100% cotton twill is imported from Japan. The dyes used are also incredibly colorfast, and will not bleed during washings. However you may see some color transfer in areas of friction before washing (in the crotch area where inner thighs may rub together for example). This fabric has a nice, smooth finish which can be maintained by dry-cleaning the fabric. If you want a more “classic” denim look with a bit more texture in the twill, then we’d recommend washing them on cold and line drying them. Because these are 100% cotton, they will shrink if you put them in the dryer, so we strongly recommend to not wash them in warm/hot water or put them in the dryer!

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