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Introducing The Détente Collection

 I'm thrilled to introduce our brand new collection, The Détente Collection.  


I've always wanted to design a few styles that were meant more for intimate moments. These pieces, although they can be styled many ways, are intended for the quieter times, moments of solitude, self-care, and rest. They are meant to be worn by you for you, and only you.


The word détente means relaxation in French, and that's exactly what I want you to feel when you slip into the Mary Jane Set or our Moni T-shirt. I chose a soft, all-natural jersey material made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, so not only are these pieces great for sensitive skin, but the  material is eco-friendly, recyclable and bio-degradable. Let's dive a bit deeper...


The Moni T-Shirt

The long-sleeved t-shirt that you've been dreaming of...the Moni T-shirt is all comfort AND style. With drop sleeves and a trapezoid cut, this t-shirt is flattering on so many different bodies. Try the Moni Split T-shirt for some fun color blocking action.

Also, fun fact...I named this style after my awe-inspiring sister-in-law 🥰


The Moni T-Shirt, Lavender The Moni T-Shirt, Black The Moni Split T-Shirt


The Mary Jane Set

Grab the popcorn! This lounge set is ready for movie nights, cuddle puddles, or getting some much deserved rest. It's just the right amount of sexy, just for you. And of course...the shorts have pockets. The color blocked version is our signature!


The Mary Jane Set, Black The Mary Jane Set, Lavender The Mary Jane Split Set


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