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Article: The DG Holiday Gift Guide

The DG Holiday Gift Guide - DEVAN GREGORI

The DG Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, and finding the perfect gift can be really hard! Let us help you de-stress with our gift guide to finding the perfect special something for your special someone.


What we consider:

  • Pieces that don't require a perfect exact fit, but has a little wiggle room
  • Jewelry that goes with everything but still feels unique and special
  • Leather goods that will last a lifetime in classic styles that never go out.
  • When in doubt, give the gift of choice with a gift card

Here are a few of our favorite styles to gift this holiday season:

The Yuki Jacket
The Organic Form Necklace The Olivia Wrap Top
The Printed Chloe Top The Wallet
The Charm Loop Earrings The DG Gift Card

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