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Our Process

For one piece of clothing to come to life, many skilled hands pass over it with care. No part of the manufacturing process is automated. And it's for that reason that we value honest & fair production practices.

Our pieces are designed in Oakland, California, but some very important members of the studio family are in China, in a town that is close to our hearts.

Our clothes are made in the northern province of Liaoning in a small city called Dalian. Devan joined forces with her colleague and friend who started his own small manufacturing business there.

Rather than sourcing factories all over the world for the lowest possible price, we have chosen to invest in this community & the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses trying to compete with larger & more established ones.

Devan travels to Dalian to work side-by-side with the team out there on each collection, twice a year. Together they work on perfecting samples, modifying patterns, incorporating everyone's feedback, and finalizing all the small details that make each piece so special.

We hope that the expertise of our friends in Dalian and the care in which these pieces were designed and created shines through when you wear them.